Core value

Professional(Expertise)£º Working knowledge is accumulated¡¢Firm of professional ethics and ascend the stairs of the ideal career¡£When¡°Enterprise¡±Turned out to be¡°Professional¡±,All the staff will do¡°Business people¡±£¬Enterprise is not a businessman£¬So don't follow the businessman's short-sighted¡¢Nearly£¡Business people is vigorous¡¢There are principles¡¢Willing to learn¡¢Willing to try£¡He may not have a lot of money wealth£¬But he must have a lot of knowledge£»He did not understand what is the trick in the market place£¬But he knows what is business ethics¡£He won't go with the flow£¬But would race to the top£¡

Enthusiasm(Passion)£º Is the individual assumes spirit influence the surrounding environment£¬Take practical action to enjoy work¡£A person or a company cut-off up or sink down£¬Is to have enough warm atmosphere against corruption of powerlessness£¬Take action to improve£¡

Respect(Respect)£º A man¡¢Doing things¡¢Connector of the ethical culture¡£It is characterized by equality between people¡¢Care and two-way communication¡£For example£ºExecutives often patrol to the workshop£»Operators¡¢And all management cadres at the grassroots level£¬See they will not feel any tension¡¢Discomfort£»The worker very understand the company business philosophy and the annual target related to their work¡£

Mutual trust(Trust)£º Is a kind of mutual commitment and motivation from person to person¡£It is rooted in common values£¬In namely¡°Trust¡±Before others£¬Each person must first have to yourself¡°Confidence¡±¡£And¡°Confidence¡±Derived from¡°Faith¡±£¬The choice of a kind of human values¡£¡°Trust¡±¡¢¡°Confidence¡±¡¢¡°Faith¡±Composed of mutual trust£¬Need to have more personal¡°Professional¡±¡¢Have a bear¡°Enthusiasm¡±Disciplined¡°Respect¡±To practice and perform¡£